About Me


My name is Earvin Ramos, and I’m a game developer looking for work in Southern California. With many years of experience, knowledge, and projects under my belt, I’m looking to show my multi-faceted strengths and find new projects and work in the industry!

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Quality Assurance

I’ve QA’d many projects as a contract QA analyst on many different platforms and environments with success. From Virtual Reality to MMO Action RPG, and from C++ Engine work to Fitness and Mobile Sports games, the breadth of my QA experience is one of my proudest achievements. Being an experienced QA analyst has informed every single pursuit I’ve had since beginning my career, and ultimately informs how I approach games in general.

Select Projects

  • Crisis on the Planet of the Apes (FoxNext VR, for PC and Playstation VR)
  • New World (Amazon Games, for PC)
  • NBA Ball Stars (Kung Fu Factory, for Mobile)


Like two sides of a coin: the fire to my air, the water to my earth. Design is where my logical and analytical traits are matched by my creative and expressive traits. As a designer, I love to find the fun in design, express the inexpressible, and impart an experience to the people who play games that moves them.

Select Projects

  • New World (Amazon Game, Quest Design, Narrative)
  • Project Bloodlust (Portfolio Project, Tech Art, Fighting Game Design)
  • Project W.A.M. (Portfolio Project, Tech Art, Systems Design)